25 Minutes Game flight

Price: USD 284.00
Park Fees: USD 30.00
Duration: 25 minutes

David Livingstone first described the Falls as ‘a sight so extraordinary that angels must have gazed at it from the air’ when he wrote about them. Book a 25 minutes Game flight witness the beautiful scenery of the Victoria Falls. The flight starts off from our Helipad at the Kazungula air strip, helicopter will fly left and right hand circuits over the Victoria Falls, giving you the finest views, pictures, and video footage.You will be able to see the Zambezi River cutting through the Batoka Gorge as it moves between steep cliffs, as well as enjoying its natural beauty. After we depart the gorge, we will fly over Long Island and down the Zambezi to the National Park, where we will see a wide range of wildlife. Seeing game from the air in such a huge national park is a remarkable opportunity, as well as along the banks of the Zambezi River. We have a good chance of spotting elephants, hippos, crocodiles, buffalos, giraffes, kudus, and a lot of other animals as we go back to the helipad.